Triumph Music Festival

P.O. Box 370

Devon, PA 19333

The Triumph Music Festival - 2019 is open to musicians of all nationalities.

The mission of the Festival is to provide an extraordinary performance opportunity and to support growing artists with professional evaluation and guidance of our panel of judges. The team of judges will feature winners of prestigious international competitions, members of Philadelphia Orchestra and music educators from colleges and universities of the United States.


The winners of the Festival will participate at the Gala performance held at the Academy of Music Ballroom in Philadelphia. The elegant Ballroom, filled with sounds of instrumentalists, vocalists, and ensembles is a special place for a memorable celebration of outstanding talents and their achievements.


This Festival can become an exclusive educational event for our participants. The historic city of Philadelphia is the home of the oldest grand opera house in the United States, which was opened in 1857. Since then, many prolific musicians have graced Academy of Music with their presence and historic performances, including Peter Tchaikovsky, Sergei Rachmaninoff, Igor Stravinsky, Arthur Rubinstein, Vladimir Horowitz, Enrico Caruso, and others.


We invite all aspiring musicians to participate at an inspirational classical music event - Triumph Music Festival, as well as in rich cultural life of "Avenue of the Arts".


We invite for participation instrumentalists and vocalists as well as ensembles, including Piano Four-hands.

Participants have to send a high-quality video recording. The competition piece has to be memorized. If selection of the music exceeds 6 minutes the additional fee will be applied.


Age categories:

5-9 ..........................Young Musicians


18-21 .......................Advanced


How to apply

1. Print application and fill out with clarity all information: Application PDF format, Word format


2. Please, submit a high quality video recording (Youtube link).


3. Application fee is $100. Please, write a check on “Triumph Music Festival”

4. If applying as an ensemble: $50 for each member

Application and fee has to be sent before June 20th, 2019 to address:


Triumph Music Festival
P.O. Box 370
Devon, PA 19333

The postmark date is June 20th, 2019.


Please, do not send certified mail.

Here is application form. Please, download it and fill out. Also, you can apply online 

Also, you can pay your application fee online here:

Video Recording

All contestants must submit a high quality video recording (Youtube link).


The performance of the competition piece can be recorded at the live concert or produced in a studio. However, we accept videos of all kinds, but certain qualities must be taken into consideration:


1. Music piece must be performed from memory

2. No music cuts or editing are permitted

3. Youtube video must be titled in the format:

Your name and the title of the composition, including composer’s name and opus number.


Results of Auditions

The results of audition will be available within 1 week past audition. Participants will get an official letter with jury comments and farther instructions.​

Prizes and Awards

The winners of 1st (Gold) and 2d (Silver) places will be honored to perform at the Academy of Music Ballroom on September 28th, 2019.

All winners will be awarded medals, diplomas, trophies and professional pictures. All teachers will be awarded the diplomas for their outstanding work.

The winners of Bronze will perform at the Ethical Society Hall, Philadelphia. The date of the recital: TBA

Schedule and recital fee

Gold and Silver level – Academy of Music Ballroom


The package includes: Awards (Medal and Diploma), 5 tickets , and 3 digital pictures- $200

Concert fee for ensemble performers: $120 per performer


Bronze- Ethical Society Hall, Philadelphia


The date: TBA

The package includes: Awards (Medal and Diploma and Trophy), 5 tickets, and 3 digital pictures- $120

Concert fee for ensemble performers: $90 per performer


Note: Application fee and concert fee are two separate payments. All fees are no refundable.

Additional Fee:
Additional fee will be applied if the length of the competition piece will exceed 6 minutes. Each extra minute will cost $60.

Contact Us
Mailing Address: Triumph Music Festival P.O. Box 370
Devon, PA 19333