Triumph Music Festival

P.O. Box 370

Devon, PA 19333

Do you accept applications from different countries?

Yes, we welcome foreign participants. We provide an official invitation for visa application. We encourage foreign participants to send application ASAP for their convenience.

Can I still get my award without performing at gala concert?

Only Grand Prix winners are granted to get their award without participating at gala concert. All other winners must perform at the gala concert in order to get their awards.

Can I bring my own accompanist to perform at the gala concert?

Yes. If you have a difficulty to find one or you are travelling from faraway, we can find a local accompanist for you. Please, make a request contacting us in advance.

Can I use my camera to record my performance or take a picture during gala concert?

No, Use of video and photo cameras during the recital is strictly prohibited.

Can I buy extra ticket(s) for my family or friends?

Yes, you can make a request by contacting us.

Does performer need a ticket to enter the Academy of Music?

No, performers do not need tickets to enter the Academy of Music.

Who can apply for Outstanding Amateurs division?

Adult music lovers, who studied music and perform, but do not hold a professional music degree from College or working in the field other than music.

When winners of the festival have to pay a $200 concert fee?

Concert fee needs to be sent a month before the winners concert:  Due date is April 10th.  After receiving a concert fee, festival promptly will provide friends and family members with the tickets to the winners’ recital.

The concert fee also includes a professional photography, audio-video recording, medal and diploma.

Do winners of Russian Musical Alliance of Philadelphia International competition -2018 have to pay a concert fee?

No, the winners of Russian Musical Alliance of Philadelphia International competition -2018 have to pay only an application fee $100 when sending application on March 20th, 2018.