Russian Music Award 2020

online competition

Online competition is open to pianists, string players (violin, viola, cello), vocalists, and ensembles (chamber music and piano duets). 

Welcome to Triumph online music festival! Potential participants can apply for online competition and receive the awards after successful audition. Winners have two options by choice:

1) to perform at the gala-concert at the Philadelphia Academy of Music scheduled for April 3, 2021.

2) to receive the award by mail without attending the gala-concert.


Application deadline: November 30, 2020.

Application fee: $100.

No more additional costs except shipping fees for the awards (diplomas, medals, and trophies). Monetary prizes are limited to no more than two in each age group.

Participants are allowed to perform a composition(-s) by any Russian or Soviet composer from any time period. Each winner will receive a diploma indicating the name of the composer, whose composition was presented, for example: “Tchaikovsky prize”, "Rachmaninoff prize", “Shostakovich prize”, “Kapustin prize”.

​Competition age divisions and prizes:

  • Division I: Ages 9 and under - $100

  • Division II: Ages 10–12 - $150

  • Division III: Ages 13-15 - $200

  • Division IV: Ages 16-18 - $300

  • Division V: Ages 19-21 - $400

  • Division VI: Ages 22 and older - $500


Special prizes


  • ·Tchaikovsky Prize: $500 cash award

  • ·Rachmaninoff Prize: $500 cash award

Program requirements for all instrumentalists

  • Division I: 1 composition no longer than 6 min.

  • Division II: 1 composition no longer than 8 min.

  • Division III: 1 or 2 compositions no longer than 10 min.

  • Division IV: 1 or 2 compositions no longer than 12 min. 

  • Division V: 15 min. program

  • Division VI: 20 min. program


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