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Piano Performance Academy 2020

 Learning from the world renowned  performers and teachers.

In 2019 Triumph Music Festival enriched its program with master classes, presented by our guest artists, world renowned teachers and performers.

All active participants had a unique opportunity to study with our distinguished faculty and to receive participation diplomas.

This year, in 2020, we offer a new format: online master class series, which provide a great opportunity to study with different teachers and to receive complementary free attendance of all master classes.

Piano Performance Academy will present online master classes on:

 Saturday, September 26, 2020 from 5 pm to 7 pm.



Dr. Svetlana Smolina   

Dr. Tatiana Abramova

Dr. Igor Resnianski

Dr. Sergey Kuznetsov 


How to apply

Application fee is $100. This fee includes payment for two lessons:

  • with the teacher of student's choice

  • with the teacher assigned by Piano Performance Academy faculty.

The lesson duration depends on the length of the piece presented at the lesson. 

  • 3 min. piece - 20 min. lesson

  • 6 min. piece - 30 min. lesson

  • 7 min. and longer - 45 min. lesson

To register for playing at the master class, contact us at: or 

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