Piano Performance Academy 2020

 Learning from the world renowned  performers and teachers.

In 2019 Triumph Music Festival enriched its program with master classes, presented by our guest artists, world renowned teachers and performers.

Winners of our festival as well as students from Philadelphia region schools, such as Nelly Berman School of Music, Temple University Music Prep and Waldorf School, attended master classes of six pedagogues from different parts of US:

Dr. Svetlana Smolina               http://svetlanasmolina.com

Dr. Jinha Park                          http://www.jinhapark.com

Dr. Sergey Kuznetsov              https://www.pianoteachers.com/skuznetsov

Dr. Anna Kislitsyna                   https://www.kislitsyna.com

Dr. João Paulo Casarotti          https://www.jpcasarotti.com/

Dr. Cecilia Sakong                   

All active participants had a unique opportunity to study with our distinguished faculty and to receive participation diplomas.

The following are the dates of future master classes, which are scheduled before and after winners concert date:

October 23d 2020: 3 pm - 6 pm

Location: Jacobs Music Piano store, Center City, Philadelphia


October 25th, 2020: 2 pm - 5 pm

Location: Philadelphia Ethical Society

How to apply

In order to be accepted for active participation, participants have to submit a video recording before September 15, 2020.

Application fee is $100

To register for playing at the master class, contact us at:
TMFestival@mail.com or 

Triumph Music Festival

P.O. Box 370

Devon, PA 19333