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Triumph Music Festival 2023
in Tbilisi,
Republic of Georgia

Participation rules:
If you are a resident of the Republic of Georgia and would like to participate at the festival, you have an advantage of applying with a reduced application fee, when applying for a general festival.
General festival applicants are required to play a solo piece of any composer (by their choice). After an online audition. If succeeded, they will play at the festival’s winners’ concert. Only recipients of 1st and 2nd places are invited to play at the festival.
$60 application fee can be paid at the bottom of the home page. 

Participation rules are the same for both Philadelphia and Tbilisi events, and are applicable to participants from any country. Please find more details at the home page and the TMF page of this website. 

The festival in Tbilisi will include performances of both the General festival and the Rachmaninoff competition winners.

The advantage of applying for Tbilisi festival is to have an opportunity to attend master classes and to study with our guest artists from USA, Republic of Georgia and Russia.

Winners concert in Tbilisi:  tentatively the 1st week of September 2023. The exact date is TBA.

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