Triumph Music Festival

P.O. Box 370

Devon, PA 19333

Chopin Prize

Competition - 2019


Competition is open to all nationalities.  Pianists of all ages are invited to perform music of  Frederic Chopin. 

Competition Divisions and Prizes

Winners of 1st and 2nd prizes will be awarded with diplomas, medals and trophies during winners concert at the Academy of Music.  Multiple winners will be chosen in each age category.  Grand Prix winners will receive monetary prizes.

Division I Ages 8-10                   ($100)

Division II Ages 11-13                  ($150)

Division III Ages 14-16               ($200)

Division IV Ages 17-19               ($300)

Division V Ages 20 and older   ($500)



Participants of Divisions I

Submit a video recording of 1 piece by Chopin, no longer than 6 minutes

Division II

1 piece by Chopin, no longer than 10 min.

Division III

1 piece by Chopin, no longer than  12 min.

Division IV

1 or 2 pieces by Chopin, no longer than 15 min.

Division V

35 minutes program of Chopin's  music

                  How To Apply


1. Print application and fill out all information
2. Indicate a link to YouTube
3. The application fee is $100. Please, write a check on “Triumph Music Festival”
Application, video recording and application fee has to be sent before June 20th, 2019 to address:
Triumph Music Festival
P.O. Box 370
Devon, PA 19333

The postmark date is June 20th, 2019. Please, do not send certified mail.

Results and Concert Fee

The results of audition will be available within 1 week past audition. Participants will get an official letter with jury comments and farther instructions.​

Gold and Silver winners are invited to play Academy of Music Ballroom.

A concert fee of $150 must be submitted in form of check by July 20th, 2019.

The package includes: Awards (Medal and Diploma), 5 tickets , and 3 digital pictures- $150.

Please note, that application fee $100 and concert $150 are 2 separate fees.



 Dr. Svetlana Smolina, (USA)

 Dr. Katarzyna Marzec-Salwinski, (USA)

 Andrey Ponochevny, piano (University of Dallas, TX, USA)