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Philadelphia International Concerto Competition


The upcoming Philadelphia International Concerto Competition will take place in the fall of 2024. This competition offers a unique opportunity to perform with an orchestra at the historic concert venue, Philadelphia’s breathtaking landmark, the Academy of Music.
The winners of the concerto competition will have the opportunity to perform some of the greatest classical music masterpieces ever created. Pianists, violin and wind instrument players, and vocalists are welcome to participate.
The Sinfonietta Triumph Orchestra will provide the online audition winners with an orchestral accompaniment. Our orchestra consists of exceptional musicians who performed internationally both as soloists and orchestra members of such orchestras as the Delaware Symphony Orchestra and the Symphony in C, as well as special guest artists from the Philadelphia Orchestra and the National Symphony Orchestra (Washington, DC).
We are privileged to invite to our performances a guest conductor, Gloria DePasquale, the Philadelphia Orchestra's 'Cellist 1977–2022, and a conductor/director of the Prysm Strings.


The first and second-place winners will perform with the orchestra on the festival day of September 28th at the Academy of Music Ballroom.
Virtuoso Instrumental (no age limit to apply)
Piano Virtuoso (no age limit to apply)
A winner of The Grand Prize Virtuoso will receive a $500 scholarship that partly covers the orchestra’s accompanying fee as well as three invitation tickets, two videos (rehearsal and performance), three pictures, and awards (a diploma, a medal, and a trophy).

Application process

Application deadline: August 1, 2024
Applicants must submit a video recording of one movement of a concerto to 
Include your name, age, contact information, the piece title and exact duration.
Prior to submitting their video recording, the participants’ repertoire choice must get approval from the competition committee. Some concertos, for example, by S. Rachmaninoff or S. Prokofiev, will not be accepted this year.
A complete movement of a concerto must be performed by memory.
The application fee of $100 must be submitted via the festival's official website.
The application fee is non-refundable.
The participants will be notified about the audition results by September 1st, 2024.
A performance with the Orchestra
The winners will be invited to have a private rehearsal with the conductor about 2–3 days before the actual performance.
The rehearsal with the orchestra will be scheduled 1-2 days before the performance.

Performance with the Orchestra

Important preparations must be made in advance of the actual performance in order to play with the orchestra:

1. The winners will be scheduled to have a meeting with the conductor 2-3 days before the performance.          It is a very important rehearsal where tempos and dynamics will be discussed between the soloist and              the conductor.

2. The rehearsal with the orchestra will be scheduled 1-2 days before the performance. During the         rehearsal, the entire movement will be played through twice, with the orchestra accompanying.

3. The sound check rehearsal will be scheduled on the day of the performance.

A live performance with the orchestra will take place on the festival day, September 28th.
The cost of this educational program starts at $1000 (6 min. minimum: a movement of a concerto from a classical period: Mozart, Haydn, Beethoven).
For pieces exceeding the 6-minute minimum, $100 will be applied for every additional minute.
The romantic period concerto fee is $1,200 for a 6-minute duration, as it requires a longer rehearsal time compared to a classical period concerto.
A Video: A festival will provide a video of both a rehearsal and a performance without an additional charge.
A performance fee also includes the awards (diploma, trophy, and medal), 3 digital photos, and 3 tickets for family and friends.
A performance fee can be refunded only in case of an emergency (providing medical proof documentation).
If the performer already had a rehearsal with the orchestra but canceled the performance, the concert fee will be refunded only partially (50% only).

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